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Proposal to Sherri

December 13, 2015

Today is the day, i saw Jaime at church but didnt say hi to us. I think it was because she was trying to not let Sherri know.


To distract Sherri a little it was time i drove around saying random things. Took her to ohlone parking lot to show her a view of more parking. It was a good 10min from the site, so that was how i wasted time.

Also, i had prayed for no rain, and thank God , it rained in the morning. However, it had stopped by the time i was there, (3:30) and there was some low clouds and no sun.

There was one hiccup, sherri’s dad called me 10 min, and it appeared on my car screen. I was so surprised, he was going to blow it for me. Because i know what he was going to say, “im here”. Then i would be pissed. So i hung up on him, sherri then gets a call from him, and i tell her not to pick up the phone. I then text the dad “dont call her it is 5 min away”. I tell sherri that her dad wanted to bring Persimmons. To ignore the call.

Then we arrive at the spot, i pull out my magic trick box. I had tought about it earlier that sherri might peek into the box. So i took the ring out and put it in my back pocket and made sure she never saw my back. While i just left the box open.

So here is the break down of the day i had told sherri. I was goinv

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