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Proposal Pre Day

December 13, 2015


So for today, it was pre-proposal setup. I had benson and chosen come out with me, and we did a scan of the site. We chose our camera locations, and i didnt really do a walk through of my tricks (mostly because i was not ready). I told them how the tricks would go and what pictures to take.

After practicing, we went for lunch. Ate at “the vine”, we forgot they only have brunch on sunday. I had the eggnog adulg drink, which tasted mostly like soju.

As for my house, Sherri came to my house and didnt go to her work party. It was causing me consternation, because if she saw the house she would know something was up. I had told her it was just for her birthday, and tried to kick her out. But she didnt leave until 5pm, she must have noticed how clean my house was, especially since i cleaned out all the stuff in the living room.


Then at night i hung up all these pictures and made a congratulations flag. Benson helped cut, and i mostly drew and glued.

I also printed out all these pictures, most of them i glanced at a small thumbnail to randomly choose. However, one of them i chose wrong and it was a picture of Sherri with Benson in the background.

I am only nervous because i need to practice still, and i want to get smoke and the ring floating. However, i could not get those tricks to look good so i started to throw away tricks. It looks like it eill go from 15minutes to a 10minute show. Ill just talk longer to make up for the time.

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