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Funemployment Outing: A’s Baseball Game

April 9, 2015


So my mom finally retired from work yesterday. Because that happened, I got today off from helping my dad. What I usually do with my dad is go wash dishes, then we drive around to do some errands, and then we have Chipotle for lunch. I come back and do some extra activites and then go home to workout and some other items.

I was looking at stubhub tickets, however I couldn’t buy any of them, because all the tickets were sold in pairs. Since I was going by myself I didn’t want to buy 2 tickets, so I ended up buying the tickets in person at the coliseum.

What I have never ever done is buy tickets from a scalper. Do I want to ? Not really, mostly because you don’t know what tickets they have, and if they are good or not.



Today I decided to splurge a little bit and sit in the MVP area. It is a little closer than I usually choose. I usually get the light blue. It was pretty packed for a thursday game. I sat next to a family and watched the dad try to teach his kids the game. IMAG3486

I always end up buying food from the coliseum no matter what I eat before it. It was also pretty hot on the field, it was a 66 degree day, but felt like it was 75 with a hard sun beating down on me.


The game was pretty bad, the A’s got whipped 10-1. And I saw Adrian Beltre hit a homerun off of one knee. I do like the new scoreboards, they show so much more data, and have everything in HD. They also updated all the small screens that use to show the pitch count on the 2nd deck.


Then I ended the day taking Bart to Hayward, and waiting for Sherri to pick me up. She wasn’t really use to hayward, so ended up waiting for me at the Hayward Cal Trans Station. While I was just sitting around at the Hayward Bart. Then she eventually found me, after I ran after her car. We got to chuch late, but it was a really really good night, talking about forgiveness.

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