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Saturday Picture / UFC

February 28, 2015


Today was a pretty good looking day. All sunny and so forth. However, I have been sick with something. For the past few days I have been feeling light headed. It sucks when I move my head down and up.

I had called Edris and he thinks I have dehydration. So he told me to just drink 2 liters of water and a pint of Gatorade. So I did that for a day, and I’m not sure if I am dehydrated anymore. Mostly because I keep on going to the restroom after drinking.

I think I am a mix of exhaustion, dehydration, and maybe I am slightly sick with something. The scary moment was when I went to buy some Gatorade in the morning. I chugged it and then my world started to go spin super fast. Like if I was extremely drunk. So I had to cancel hanging out with Doug because I could not drive straight.

With that, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 1pm. When Sherri came buy and woke me up. So then we went to niles to take pictures and have lunch.

We first started out taking pictures against a brick wall. She didn’t realize that I have a good taste in choosing places for pictures. She thought I was going to choose some random place that wasn’t pretty. I told her I wanted the niles district that has some culture and older looking buildings.

Then after taking some picture s, we went to have lunch at Joe’s Corner. It this is this place in niles.


It originally started out in the 70’s as a pub. Then the owners after that bought the pub and then installed a restaurant in the back. The food ended up being really good , I got a Macaroni salad with pesto mozzarella panini, and Sherri had a chicken sandwich with coleslaw. The food was really good. And we sat at the outdoor bar.


I looked and saw there was a toy antique shop next door. There is also a really cool mantiques shop I should go to, that a man sitting next to me said I should see.


Now after lunch we went to take some more pictures. However it started looking really dreary and cold. So as Sherri recommended we go to the green train for a picture. I wanted to go to our car.

As we were walking, it suddenly started to rain. Then the rain got harder and then hail started to come down. We were stuck outside and running to the car. I was walking fast to the car and saying “ouch it hurts” as I got pelted by ice the size of little pebbles. It was one of the worse moments of the day. Because I ended up drenched in less than 1 minute.

The worse part was that I wanted to take a selfie with Sherri at the trunk of the car. We ended up standing an extra 1 minute Because I could not get my phone to the camera app fast.

What you don’t see is how I am only wearing one shirt, so it is was supercold, and I wanted to just rip off my shirt and walk around in the rain.


We changed clothes and tried to take more pictures for my magician website. Why am I working on the website?

It is Because I want to do more tricks and maybe eventually do children magic shows.

I have been inspired to do more magic because I realized that my life is short and I should just concentrate on what I love to do, if I want to get it good. I want to be a master of something and not a Jack of all trades, and master of none.

Which brings me to one of my favorite shows right now “Wizard Wars”. The other girl who really likes it is Joanne. Her favorite magician is Billy the Kid , the female magician.

Then at night , Kristina came over and we watched the UFC. It was really fun watching Kristina get so excited when she realized what I got her for her late birthday gift.

She was so excited to put the gloves in, and wrapped it really well to create the “X”. We ended up watching all the matches. With my favorite one being Holly Holmes versus Raquel Pennington. Mostly because they actually traded blows and there was more of a battle.

We were so excited for the Rousey and Cat match, and started screaming when it started. Too bad our screaming only lasted for 14 seconds because the matches was over by then . 😀

Overall. Today was a really fun day, a good day to get away from the stress of helping my parents and trying to give all I can give to help my dad.

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