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Dad’s Surgery

January 28, 2015


Today was my dad’s first surgery to get his kidney bile duct open, and then followed by biopsy. I was super nervous in the morning and anxious for what would happen. Mostly because I always don’t take anything as being guaranteed easy.

So to waste time, my mom and I walked to Japantown to eat lunch. Then we just came back and waited for him.

The good news is that the surgery went well. The surgeon said that the stint came out perfectly, and it should be amazing. Now the second part is waiting for the biopsy. The surgeon could not really see the sides of my dad’s stomach, so he could not tell us what was happening. This will be the biggest thing that my mom and friends are praying for. That the cancer is stage 3 and has not spread to the other part of the body.

The doctor also told my dad that he could only drink food he could see through. For some reason my dad thought he said “seafood”.  That was the funny joke of the day.

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