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Holiday events

December 7, 2014


So it is the holidays, and one of the best part of december is all the holiday events. So today after church, there was a small private tamale making event. Smile Pedro was teaching us how to make southern style mexican tamales.

It is pretty fun making it,  but takes a ridiculous amount of time. Pedro had to grill the banana leaves, then with big 12” x 10” rectangles, we put some liquid lard on it, then put some maiz on it. Putting it in a square, then putting some chili colorado on top. Then you wrap the tamale up. There is a trick to the folding, you do it hot dog style to the left, but pull enough lard over to wrap it back to the right.   IMAG3000

Then it took a long long time to steam cook. Over 3 hours for pedro to get it to work.


Back at my house, there was another party that I set up. I bought a lot of wine, and made stuffed chicken breasts. Here are the pretty decorations that were up on the wall. I think a good 14 people came over, and we watched a lot of youtube videos, and danced to “just dance “ songs on youtube. Winking smile 

It is funny having a college freshman at the party with us, because he finds some interesting videos.

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