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Meeting Tenants

December 6, 2014


What is so good about having a mechanical engineering degree? Everyone thinks I can fix anything mechanical. Which is true (as long as I have the right parts) Winking smile

The interesting thing is that I am really just my dad, and uncle’s “mechanic”. Whenever they need things install or fixed that is not too crazy, they just ask me to come over. SO today, I went to meet my dad’s new tenants (a really nice indian couple that were a little bit younger than me).

There was something wrong with the stove top, the far left one would only have a flame that works on high, once it was turned to “low” the flame just shut off. So I took the oven apart, that is one of the hardest things to do. Trying to take something apart when you don’t really know how it was put together. I took off 3 screws on the top, and then tried to pull a cover off, then I realized it wasn’t coming off. Then I realized there were screws on the bottom that only showed when I opened the oven. In around 30 minutes, I took apart enough of the oven to take pictures and try to figure out what is wrong.


So I think it is this valve, and my suggestion was to just buy a new oven, because I think it is more cost effective. Smile Just because a new oven might cost 500, while fixing this might cost 200 dollars, and you never know when the next item will break.

I enjoy doing these random little things.

THen at night, Alan came over, and I cooked all my roommates dinner. We had a pretty healthy meal, it was a hearty turkey vegetable stew ( I followed the recipe mostly, but doubled the vegetables, potatoes, and turkey.  Alan and Chosen must have loved it, because between us (+ sherri) we each had a pineapple sausage in a bed of onions/peppers, and at least 2 servings of the stew.

I noticed that I really love to cook, and that the food taste amazingly better when I just use fresh ingredients. Somehow getting stuff out of a can, when I look at it now, I can see how they dry out a lot more of the items, and there is more of a “watered down” feel to everything. While when I use all the ingredients fresh (especially the onion and herbs) those things drop a lot of natural oils, and aroma that soaks into the food as it is being cooked.

Oh yeah, the best part of the night was watching Kristina come over to watch UFC with us. She is so crazy about that, all I saw was her walking around, jumping around, and saying things like “hit him”, “get him”. All these other things, Chosen actually recorded her special reaction.

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