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Working on a house

November 21, 2014


I thought I would have a very relaxing 2 weeks of vacation before I started work. However, my dad thought otherwise. I ended up having to work on his rental house, making it all ready for new tenants.


One of the things I had to change was the rollers on mirrored closet doors in one room. The plastic around the wheel that made sure it stayed on the guide had snapped off. Because of that, it was hard to roll it around.


That was one of my main things to do today. I also ended up doing a lot of cleaning, and making sure a lot of the mini blinds were dust free.

It is kind of nice to always be helping my dad, because I love my parents, and I know he is getting older. So I am trying to spend more time helping him. Like how I try to spend more time with my grandparents.


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