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November 5, 2014


So today my parents woke up earlier than us, and went for a walk. They went to see what places looked good to war around here. They ended up finding a couple hole in the wall places.

My parents found this congee place that sold congee, beef rice noodles, and Chinese donuts.


How did my parents choose this place? My sister asked my mom and said “i look for the place that didn’t look very pretty on the outside, but was full of people on the inside. So this place fit the description, it was extremely cost effective, spent $100hk ($13), and ended up with 1 bowl if beef cogee, 2 bowls of seafood cogee, 1 Chinese donut, 1 Chinese Donut Bread, noodle warped Chinese donut, and 1 beef rice noodle. It was extremely delicious.

What I find really fun is how they cook a lot outside of the restaurant. Then bring it I’m to where we sit.


The only sad thing I noticed in Hong Kong is that a lot of the taxi drivers, cashiers , and low level service workers are a little angry looking. You can see them get impatient, and ill tempered with my dad who likes to do things slowly.

Anyways, the bus have some really pretty seat covers.


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