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Choosing between Jobs

October 20, 2014

So the day came to today. To finally choose between the two companies  southland is big risk big reward , and EMCOR is low risk, but big personal growth.

I also had friends at EMCOR and not too familiar with people at Southland, but I think they are a good company.

Sherri helped me make a TChart to show the pros and cons for each. Essentially I am choosing between close and potential growth.
The titles are both really cool, but essentially I chose EMCOR mostly because of a gut feeling, because it was a coin toss instead. I almost always trust my gut in win/win situations.

The other thing I made sure to negotiate this time was more vacation time. I got 3 weeks in, so I think they must have pulled some strings because I worked there before and if I had stayed all along, I would be at 5 years there now. I find vacation/sick time really important.

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