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Sun Wedding

October 5, 2014


So Sherri and I went to Sun’s wedding. It was held at Saratoga springs, which is a really pretty place in the woods. The location of the wedding was at their spot called “longbridge”. Which was a really pretty place, and Sun/Eugene made a lot of things for this wedding.

I ended up taking pictures next to this “CHEERS” sign. It was very thin sheet metal, and christmas light bulbs.


The thing I helped Sherri for with the wedding was really just taping that backdrop. She did all the hard work of making all the masks, and cutting up those foaming things. I don’t know how people do it, because it is so much work.

Sherri forgot to eat lunch, so I ended up buying a kofta sandwich at the “international rose market‘. Sherri thought it was flowers, I thought it was a café/market. Mostly because I have never seen an “international rose”. I was thinking of it more like a sweet name, like “bob’s mix house”.



Dinner was really good. It was a buffet style and there was steak, potatoes, chicken and a few other things. There was also an open beer/wine bar. And specialize ice cream. Overall, I really enjoyed the food.


As for the wedding, I really enjoyed that it was pretty quick, and just a lot of partying. The Best man gave an awesome speech, using a quote from the movie Bad Boys.



I enjoyed the decorations they had for the benches. A lot of flower pots and other goodies.IMAG2867

They also had a little fireplace to make smores, so a lot of us made some of those also.IMAG2868

This was a really great wedding, too bad it was on a sunday night. Where everyone had to go home early for work tomorrow. Sad smile

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