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Transparent Vision Planning

August 1, 2014


So my auntie gave me a recliner today. It is a really sweet recliner, it doesn’t have any levers, you just slide back with your butt and the thing reclines. As I was reclining, I found out that my cousin matthew had left a toy in the seat.

What I also noticed is that all my friends love that seat too! Chosen is pretty funny. I see him sit in the recliner, then the papasan, then end up on the loveseat couch.

The one thing I also did was tie down the papasan. So there will no epic falls from it. Vinesh falling while keeping his pie up, or kristina’s slow fall. Where I tried to keep the papasan up, but it was a too late, then you just watch me slowly let her fall down. It was one of those slow motion things.


Today was also the core vision trip. We came up with our vision for the new year, which is to “”En(joy) God”. We want to put the joy back in learning about God. So we spent all morning (Chosen made us breakfast , taiwanese gook). It was interesting trying to come up with the themes for this year. However, it wasn’t too bad, because our mission statement kind of pushed us for the past 3 years.

Then to enjoy the rest of the day, we went to go laser tagging. My gun must have been misfiring, or I really suck at laser tag. I only took 300 shots, people like daniel, and chosne took 800 shots. Sometimes I think I was pointed right at them, but it wasn’t hitting, so I think my laser was misaligned. Sad smile 

However, it was really fun and hot. My favorite memory was running away from a group of kids, and I saw daniel, and I just said “there is a group of children behind me”, so he and I teamed up to hit the kids (even though it was a FFA).

Then we ended the night with some coffee and free time. !

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