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Church Retreat Sunday and Wine Tasting

July 20, 2014


Here were the living quarters I was in at the retreat. My roommate was Jon Wong, and we had a pretty good time sharing a room.

One of my favorite memories from the night was the starlight confession. P apologized to me for being a rebel on the softball team. I had asked him to come play for us, so I gave him a game to start, and he told me he would be late. But I didn’t realize he would be 30 minutes late. What had happened was that he was at a super smash brother competition ( knew that from facebook). So I kind of laid into him for not being a man of his word. How it put me in a bad position.


After church retreat, we all went to drink wine nearby. We got 16 of us there to do a wine and cheese tasting. We got it on a good deal too! It was really awesome that the hostess was able to accommodate. Usually they would require a reservation. But the lady pulled some strings and we got to drink on top of a giant table.

Also this winery had a lot of lavender fields.IMAG2584IMAG2590

Here was half of the wine menu. I really loved that side.IMAG2597

This is how they set up the table with all the glasses and cheese.



I realize that I really love white wines, and the red ones are okay. The jams on the top were really good, and went well with all the white wines.

Then I ended up trying a little bit more wine and bought 3 bottles. All three of them were white wines. Overall, I really liked the place, and would take sherri there.

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