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Aerials And Drakes

May 9, 2014



So the one thing I like about emeryville is that I think it houses all the acrobatic classes and areas. Like the vagabond ballroom, and athletic playground.

Today we went to see sherri’s roommate Mary Anne perform her recital. There was an older guy that went first, he had a pretty cool set. Unlike the girls, he was not as flexible, so I think he did more “power moves”. He did his version of an “Iron Cross”.

MaryAnne had a pretty good performance also. She is really flexible so she could do the splits which made a lot of her moves even prettier. It was around a 45 minute recital, with 5 dancers.


Watching this makes me wish I had continued doing aerials. It is like flying. Smile

Then I went to her friend Nathan Ng’s going away function in the city. It was at a bar called drakes, a lot of random people there. I think he had model friends, escort friends, church, and other friends. It was a conglomerate of people.

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