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Food and Improv

March 20, 2014


Today, I had a fun improv and dinner night with Frances, Joe, Benson, and Sherri. We went to try out Dosa & Curry. Which was rated as a top indian food place next to San Jose State.

The food was really good there, and the prices were cheap. Smile I think Sherri and Benson really enjoyed it.


Then we walked over to the theatre to watch Comedy Sportz Improv. But before we went in there, we went to psycho donuts and tried one of the crazy donuts. Benson go the “Elvis Presley”, and I think Joe got coffee.


I would eat donuts, but I am trying to lay off on trying to eat as much fat. Smile 

As for the comedy sportz show, It was amazing. They have really cool people up there, there was one lady up there, she was good at only certain games. Other ones she struggled with, but it was really funny, because the ref helped her once. During the game “doo run run” her team was down 3 to 1 people, and she just went “Give it to me”. So the ref decided he liked her answer and let her stay.

The other really fun game is their crazy game of charades with crazy things. I said a word that ended up making the phrase a cloth that absorbs light. The girl figure it out really fast. It was super awesome.

Joe, Frances, and Benson really love it. I’m thinking I might do improv at the retreat.

Why do I like improv, I just enjoy how people can talk off the top of their head. Then whatever you say, you have to stick with it and make it work. It is like public speaking on steroids. I also love acting.

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