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Day 3b: Seattle

March 10, 2014


To top off the afternoon, we went to the most touristy part of seattle. To the original starbucks, and then a russian bakery next door, where we bought salmon bread. It was pretty tasty the salmon bread.



Then we ate dinner at this ramen place. I think my favorite noodle dish is chow fun, and pho. Ramen would be 3rd, after chicken soup with flat rice noodle. IMAG2040_thumb3

Then we went back to Jason’s place and played more rocksmith. I also went on a run, and what I found out is that sidewalks are not as common in the seattle area. So there were places were I was running around in the dark on a dirt part of the road. It made it a little bit hard to run certain spots because there were no lights. Then as I was half way through my run, it was pouring rain. So it was one of the worse 3 miles runs I have ever had.

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