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Sports Sunday

February 16, 2014

I noticed my friends love to come over and watch sports at my house. I guess that is what happens when you are the one of the only few people at church that have directtv with HD and a pretty good sports package with it. I have the XTRA package so I get all the EPL games.

It is pretty expensive to have satellite tv, but for me the reasoning I have it is two fold. I can invite people over to watch sports, and bless them, while the second reason being that I can watch my favorite teams on tv. So it really means that I go to a few less sporting events a year, which is a good tradeoff. Some of my friends went 3 ways on warriors season tickets. Which I think ends up being the same amount I pay to have satellite tv. Also having one roommate the pays 1/3 of the price does wonders for the bill too.

However, I think the biggest thing is always giving friends a reason to come over and watch the game. Because I could always just stream the games online if I wanted to. Connect to my proxy server and tada, I am in an out of market spot. Smile

Also the best thing about having a DVR is pausing and fast forwarding through commercials, and pausing to talk to people. There is now no reason why when someone needs my attention that I just can’t pause the tv and walk over to help.

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