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Most interesting men

December 21, 2013


When my friend sent out an invite for a party it was called “The most interesting men in the world”, I thought it was a brothers appreciation night. Then I looked at it and saw that it wasn’t. Smile

To celebrate my roommate and Joe’s birthday, we went to the city to celebrate at Lolinda, then went upstairs for drink. We then finished the night at a bar. Everyone was all dressed up really fancy, I had my vest on.

With myself all dressed up, I actually did magic tricks that night for my friends. Did 3 tricks, crazy people, 4 card monte, and a card displacement trick.


The food was really good, everything came out delicious. One of the best churros I ever ate, only bad thing was that it was pretty pricey, and most of us were still hungry after.


I was sitting with sherri outside the bar and we were watching a couple guys play catch with a football on the streets at 11pm. It is always a wonder that no one drives over their football as it rolls around on the road.

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