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April 22, 2013


This year I am teaching 3rd grade children sunday school. I have a bunch of fun little kids that enjoy my class (however quiet they are).  For today’s lesson I was trying to have them make fold pieces of paper in half, put chalk on one side, and when they write in the middle of the paper, then write on the top of the paper. The chalk was suppose to rub off onto the backside of the top of the sheet of paper. Too bad it didn’t work. Sad smile

What is really interesting about these kids is that they remind me of a really introverted person who has no passion whatsoever. I ask them what they enjoy, and they don’t seem to like anything. Hahahahaahahaha


What annoys me? how about a deaf person who sells this stuff, they just walk up to you and give you this piece of paper. Then I feel really bad, so I do give them something, like a dollar. Smile Never have I wanted to just give that piece of paper back for nothing.

My friend jokes that I should one day yell at a guy from behind and say “you dropped your money” to check to make sure the guy isn’t faking it. Maybe I should write, wait “let me give you a 20”.

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