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April 16, 2013

So I got my new license paper for engineer. Yeah, it is only a piece of paper and not a card. Because of that, I have to do the old school style of taping over it to create a laminate effect. Smile

Then I forgot to sign the paper, so I used a sharpie on the tape. IMAG1154

Why did I take the picture like that, I realized that if you saw my number, you could find out my address so much faster. I don’t really want more spam mail or engineer stalkers looking for me.


So I have never talked about my career, and what I think I will be doing with my life now. So I’ll tell you what my future plan is. I am planning on doing at least 3 years at sunbelt. I think next year, I will reflect and see what I have done on my projects and where I want to go. The industry I am, does make good money, but not as much as I think I should actually be getting paid for my skills.

However, I am thinking of trying my hand at creating a startup, or some kind of item and selling it.

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