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Watching UFEA

March 5, 2013

So today, I went to watch UFEA cup with my co-workers. Those guys love soccer, so we all agreed to go to buffalo wild wings to watch. it was a heart pounding game, especially for my co-worker (massive Man U Fan).


It was really fun in there, I think the place was half ManU and half Real Madrid fans. There was this drunk ManU fan, he started chanting “M-A-N-U, M-A-N-U, OK!”, and then he sang some song to the tune of “knick knack patty whack”, and “you are my sunshine”? Too bad I didn’t understand any of the words.

Then at the end of the game when the goalie was on the ground, you randomly hear him say “Get the F Up off the ground goalie”.



It was pretty chill that day!

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