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Teaching Children Sunday School

January 29, 2012

I don’t have the same command of respect as the mom’s at chruch. =)



The kids in my 6th grade class love to try to push the boundaries, and I have to put them back int. There is the one that loves to just laugh and make weird faces.

One kid who none of the kids likes, but he likes his one friend. However, he likes him by harrassing him and bothering him. Also, he is an attention grabber.

I was so shocked because in class he got pushed down, and I told him. I’m going to move you away, and he goes “no, i want to sit next to my friend”. Holds on tight to his chair, and it happens again. During this time one of the church moms saw it happen through the door window.

So to get them to stop talking, I’ve been feeding them more food. Hahaha, right now in the picture they are all in an eating mode, so are not moving as much. =)

There is also a balloon because they were playing a game called “pass it on” where they had to keep the balloon on their head as they walked from one side to the other, and then moved the hat with the balloon on it onto their teamamtes head without dropping the balloon. It was suppose to be a game to kind of introdue the ideas of evangelizing to your friends.

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