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After PE, Robot Combat

October 30, 2011

So the PE test was a beast, I did pretty well. Or I am pretty sure i did 75% of well, or i got good answers. Now I need to wait 10-12 weeks for the results. Knowing how they have done it before, I’m expecting it to be up to the 12th week.

What is so special about the PE? It doesn’t really give me extra money, but I hope it does. However it does allow me to be on the same level as the mechanical engineers I work with. So if they go “you don’t know squat, you aren’t a Professional Engineer”, I can tell them “Guess what? PE Baby”. =) Mostly to not feel inferior in terms of letters after my name.


After the test I was in San Mateo, and ate dinner with my friend, then had a drink. I did see this octopus plushie in the park. It looked cool!

How do I feel after the test? I feel free as a bird, no more studying for a while. Do a lot of other stuff like work on my house.

Today I went to my house to do more cleaning, several things on my to-do list.

My favorite thing to do at my house right now is sit in the front yard playing my acoustic guitar. A lot of people look at me, what made me sad was when I saw a couple go to the other side of the street to not walk on my side of the sidewalk where I was playing. Hhahaha, I didn’t think I looked that dangerous, unless they think i’m like a wrestler and dangerous with the guitar.

Was at robocom today with Chengjou and Benson. It was pretty cool, the robots that were really fun were the middle class (90 pounds), and the light weight (30 pounds). They were not usually spinning ones or had a super cool cutting weapon. The heavyweight divisions were all 220 pounds, and mostly flipping robots. So they didn’t really make parts fly or really lost parts.

However the middleweight and lightweight when they hit each other would have sparks and parts flying everywhere. Lost weapons, tires, and other parts.




This was the awesome robot called sewer snake, it has a really cool looking trailer plow legs that it uses to flip itself up. So it looks like it is doing flips.


Some guy standing in my picture



There was a hole in the top of this part of the arena that they were patching up. What happened was that two middleweights hit each other and parts went flying everywhere (it was a tko right after that). One plastic part hit 3-4 times against the bar and popped out. It was superhot and the guy in front of me picked it up as a souvonier. Then these people had to patch it up with duct tape and a thin sheet of metal.


Finally after dinner with my friends, I had some boba. This place had “popping boba”. Which is boba filled with a flavor, kind of like gushers. IT was interesting.

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