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Garage Door and Paint

September 14, 2011

Today at work I had disney songs flowing through my head. So while I was packing a 55 pound valve/actuator combo I was humming “Part of your world”. Then I sang it outloud when my other co-worker walked by me. =)

He gave me a sad look and said “you are disturbing”. Then I told him, “didn’t you like that movie? Wouldn’t you want to meet a mermai like Ariel that sung to you?” … He then looks at me and says “No I wouldn’t, I saw pirates 3”. =)



So I started painting the trim and the wall with the “aged avocado” color I got from kelly moore.


Looks pretty good, but I have to touch up the side because i guess I can’t tape straight. =) So i’ll fix up the white walls. =)

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