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Yesterday scare and fun

August 29, 2011

So yesterday after church, I went to my house in Union City to work on it. My parents were there. Currently, the front door deadbolt and door handle are reverse of each other. So it makes it harder for me unlock the door. Since my mom wasn’t expecting me, she thought I was an intruder. So when I opened the door slightly, she slammed it back in my hand, locked me out, and screamed. ThenI said “it is me Andrew.” =)




Then after working on my house for 30 minutes, I went back to chruch to play softball with the guys. That was my clothing for the day, ghostbuster, w/ cal poly shorts, and long socks. I look cool.

Here was an interesting story I heard. So some of hte people at chruch have been doing a week long missions training. Just learning how to grow their faith in God. So emily and kristina were talking to a guy who was looking for directions to a place. Since they couldn’t help him, they said “let us pray for you that God will help you find the place” to the guy. Then once they finished praying, I happen to arrive at the park, and drove right past them. Now it makes sense why one of the girls ran to my car once I parked. =)

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