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Fun day today

August 14, 2011

I started being pretty productive today. Got some studying in for the Professional Engineering, which was doing just one “1 hour problem”. A lot of stuff that I didn’t know for the last time I took the test.

Also, I have started making a schedule of my to-do list for the house when I get it. I am anticipating everything to be done by beginning of september.

I then did a few extra errands during lunchtime. Then I was in San Mateo.


There is a pretty cool park there with a giant giraffe statue in the middle.


Later in the afternoon, I was out in San Mateo at their artsfest, it was okay. Not as artsy as I was hoping, saw a lot more of people just selling home improvement things. With some bands playing, however I did eat a chocolate dipped fruit (pineapple, and strawberry tasted the best), it reminded me a lot of arrested development and the banana stand.

I was also at malibu mini golf. Went to the batting cages, let me say, you need to warm up to the speed. I got into the cage to hit the “fast” pitches. Wow, I had no idea when those balls were coming out, and I was late on all the pitches. Should have started from medium, then I could hit the fast one.


Then there was mini-golfing. =)


Trying to hang off the rock


There was a nice little water drop under that rock


I love all the intresting things they design and leave on a mini-golf course, like a ship.

Then I ate tofu soup for dinner, I love seafood pancake.




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