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Sore Shoulder

August 8, 2011

I had a pretty bad parkour class yesterday. I over jumped a box and headbutted the mat against the wall. What had happened was I was jumping the box without this extra blue box for boost. However, they added the blue box for other people, so I jumped off of it, and I went flying over too far. =) Landed into the matt and just let go and fell down. =(.


Also, if you ever watch Naruto, I run with my arms facing back behind me, when I am doing my kong vault. That way I learn to swing my arms forward as I am jumping which will give me an extra boost over. Now I just need to keep my legs straight up before I tuck in.




I finished the other k’nex robot for VBS. But I’m not doing anymore because they said it was enough. Wrote some activities for the kids.

1) have the kids tell us a name of their favorite robot, then have them walk around like it. =)


I think the most dangerous thing will be these motors you see above. I put wires on them, and will let the kids put the leads to both sides of a battery and see it run. Those motors are flying when it is powered up.

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