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House Inspection

July 19, 2011

So I started the process of doing house inspectiosn and appraisal of the house. Everything looks like it is going pretty well, the housing inspections came back and there is some stuff to fix, but nothing too major.


I took a half day at work, so I could meet the inspectors. Here are some pictures of what the place looks like. Most of the major things I would have to do to the house would be to Paint the inside, Replace the garage door, fix some piping, and take out some termites. =)



Front Door Walkway.



Living Room


Family Room, there is a step down, and all the air is coming from the bottom. Underfloor air conditioning and heating.. Just to the right is the kitchen.



There is the toilet, i would replace the cushion toilet seat with something more “procelin” hhahahaha.


That is the backyard, we will see a lot of BBQ’s.


So that is what the house I am trying to buy looks like.

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