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I turned the wrong way

June 15, 2011

So I was at work today and recieved an email. It was that lady that was sitting to my left and had taken the PE test with me. The one I dropped off in San Francisco, and told her to good luck.


Anyways, I found out she passed her test. The thing that made me sad was when i emailed her I found out that she had an extra calculator. =O. I had turned the wrong way at the beginning of the test. There was a guy to my right, and I asked him if he had a calculator and he told me no. =(. He was really sorry, and I was sad so I didn’t even ask the lady to my left who looked like she was freaking out.


As for other things that are coming about. I started trying to fill out my USGBC maintence paper for LEED. I need to get 30 hours, currently i have 20 hours from doing projects. Now I need to pay USGBC money to take some of their classes to get the rest of my 10 hours. Since I don’t want to use company money too much, i’m looking for all the free stuff.

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