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I read books (magic trick books)

June 5, 2011

I found out that I do read a lot. But not usually faiction or biographies. It ends up being books on new magic tricks. Mostly on techniques and subtle things to do.


Anyway how was my weekend? Saturday, I prepped with Graceland the College Outreach. It will be a really cool amazing race event. I planned two of the games, so I will have to see if they work. Which I hope they do. =).


Afternoon, I actually went and got my a facial. I want to look handsome, or that is what my mom and sister said. Since they do facials they go, you should do them too, gives you great complexion and helps rejuvinate your face skin. So I did.



Then at night there was a fundraiser dinner for the youth mission teams, there is one going to taiwan and one going to YWAM: Las Vegas. They stuck me at the “little kids table”, when I went to sign in, one of the moms went “Andrew, you are sitting at the kid’s table”. =), she made my mouth drop. It was a mix of mostly youth, some college, and 2 young adults.


All the kids that were participating all dressed up to serve everyone.


It was a good thing I ate a late huge lunch. Because that was enough for me tonight. =)


Finally, I did read more magic tricks, so I will upload another trick around 9:30.

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