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June 1, 2011

Haha, for some reason, I’ve been inspired to make add more skills to what I know. I guess I have this learning bug biting me. So It was a toss up between learning swing dance (but I don’t really have a dance partner to practice with) or parkour. With no dance partner, I chose to do parkour. So I have signed up for fun classes here, In 2 months, I hope I will be running around flipping everywhere. =)


The other thing that I really want to practice and do is pop and lock. So I pulled out the videos that I had and tried to learn from in college. This will be amazing if i figure everything out, could you imagine the added entertainment if I ever made a magic show. I would come dancing out even better than Gob from arrested development.


Now it is time to set up a cool schedule to make this all happen.

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