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May 24, 2011

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Robotics Need to be Made

May 24, 2011

Because of makers faire, I now have the bug to build and make something robotic. =)


So I went into my shelf and took out the stuff I will need. With my ideas too. Pulled out the arduino microcontroller (I use that because the software is opensource).



The funny thing is that I keep my electronics stuff in these jewerly boxes. =) I found them lying around once, because my parents had recieved couple boxes of stuff from the neighbor. Since I love to look for random stuff, I was in there and thought these boxes would be cool.




Finally, I think I will make my Captain Rex into some moving robot. Now all I need to do is break him apart and add electronics guts to him.



Do you think I should desoty this toy to make him into a more powerful robot? Or just let him live and go and build the whole thing by myself? =)