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May 19, 2011

So I was looking at parkour yesterday. It made me really want to do a front flip or a backflip. Since I only did gymnastics when I was a kid, I kind of know what to do, but never did it. So I decided yesterday to try to do front flips with help from youtube. Hahahaha (sounds like a bad idea).



So I took the cushions off the papasan and put it on the floor. Then I laid some extra pillos on top. Then I tried to do flips on top of it. It was pretty painful, I mostly ended up landing on my shoulders or my back, then I just rolled around. Did this for 30 minutes, and it was pretty tramatic on my body, I was so dizzy after just spinning all around. =)


Today, I was taking off my shirt and saw a mini bruise on my shoulder.



Today I was talking to my friend who works next door. She was a bridesmaid at her friends wedding, and for some reason there is one question that pops into my head now. I asked her if she had pockets in her bridesmaid dress, because I had a church buddy who was really excited when her bridesmaid dress had a pocket. And my friend said “yeah.”


Finally, I went to the batting cages with Brad. He noticed that I have the same swing as Albert Pujols, woohoo. So that is why I have such a powerful swing. =)



Across the street is a safeway warehouse. What a weird place to have a batting cage.


That was my day and I had church.

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