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May 17, 2011

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May 17, 2011

Work, not too great today. The other engineer co-workers and I were told that “engineering is too immature” from a person high up. So if she wants it that way, all 3 of us in engineering went and took down everything that looked happy and gave our “I love me boards” character. So I took down my colored in “red tractor” poster, ripped off my smiley face, and huge picture of a cake. Put them all in a box underneath my desk until another time. My co-worker did the same, and we will dress up nicely. See if that person still complains, because we tried having a more “fun, warm feeling on our side”. Now we are going to be more Robotic, no emotion engineers. =(


That was my rant for the day. =)


– His name will be Big Eye Mike

On the bright side I played with some fuzznoodles again today. I needed some pictures for the young adult group slides. So I made some more characters and took pictures of them. Now I’m thinking, claymations like Gumby and Wallace and Grom, are now so much easier to do with digital cameras. I should just do one with these fuzznoodles. So this weekend after makers faire, I’ll sit around and see if i can make a 1 minute short.


-The Green Stickler



– Parrot Baby