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May 10, 2011

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Tuesday off from work

May 10, 2011

I didn’t go to work today because i had to take it off and take my parents to SF. They are going on an alaskian cruise, so I dropped them off at Pier 35. This was at around 11am, and I didn’t really have anything planned for the rest of the day. So I decided to meander around.


First thing I did was go to the misdirection magic shop to see if they had any interesting magic tricks. Met a really cool guy who was 22 and did magic for 11 years. He moved out from colorado because he couldn’t find a job and wanted to just try his luck out west. I think he’s moving up to seattle within the end of the week (he has a kid and wife). However, he was such a nice guy and taught me some stuff.

Since he was trying to teach me stuff, we got kicked out of the magic store, because the owner didn’t want us “teaching magic”, only buying magic. =(. That was a very mean move, because the guy was just helping me perfect a move that I was having trouble doing. So we sat down at the restaurant next door and he let me record him doing the handle. It was so much nicer than how I did it with cards. Then he becamse my facebook friend so I will ask him questions if I ever have any, and he will upload a video or something for me. =)



Then I was at safeway, got some groceries. I bought 5 bags of gummy bears because it was 10/$10 dollars which i could not pass up. Then I dropped by Kaley’s place and gave her some encouragment cookies, and some meat. Hung out at her place for an hour then went and drove around SF.




Took a nap in my car because I fell asleep reading while waiting for Jaime to finish work so we could go to the Giants game. She had bought tickets from her friend that day and invited me to come along. So I went to a giants game, in shorts and a light jacket. It was so cold, thank goodness Kaley had convinced me to borrow her “blue blanket”. Too bad it looked like a dodger blue blanket so I was slightly hesistant to wear it at first . However it did keep me warm. Thanks Kaley!


So overall it was an ineresting tuesday, with my co-workers calling me after work thinking that I went out for an interview. =)

Andrew's Thoughts

Mother’s day

May 10, 2011

My cousin got me good on sunday. I found it as a compliment that he really was so happy that he finally beat me at something. Didn’t know he really looked up and held me as a standard bearer. Now he says, he will never be sad evermore if I beat him in everything else now.


I did celebrate mother’s day at little cousin’s birthday party.


For my mom, I made her a card.IMAG0407


So i’ve been trying to figure out how to better improve myself. I do know a couple things I should work on, which I will try. It will be sometimes being patient, because if I get a direction of something to do “its like a forest fire”, we are going all out to make it work. Which means i burn out fast, so I have to struggle through the end of it, to make it work.


The other one is still just being more outspoken on things if they are wrong, or needs correction. I let a lot of things slide because I don’t care. But I think I should care, and then at work it is more just say something without soudning shaky. No “maybe, guess”, it is all statements “this is wrong”.