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May 8, 2011

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How I enjoy doing random things

May 8, 2011

I found out there is one really interesting thing that I do because I”m single, and i could never really do if i was in a relationship. I can do anything on the fly. =)


So on friday, I decided on a whim to make cookies, and bless some people from chruch with cookies. So I was going to mountain view to some singles ministry event put on by another chruch. Therefore, I detoured on my way down and dropped cookies off at random people’s house.


Pretty funny, I dropped off cookies at Dustin’s house. He lives in a condo complex, so I think the only people that knock are mormons, so no one answered the door the first time. Then the second time, he finally opened the door and had no idea why i gave him cookies and a handmade card. At first he thought it was a trick, but I said to him it wasn’t, and then left.

Then did a drop off for Ben, i’m not sure if his wife knew I gave them 3 cookies. But I gave ben an extra one so he could eat one, and still have 2 left and share 1 with his wife, Joylynn. =). Which i saw on facebook that she enjoyed saturday morning.



Finally, I went to the single’s mixer, however my friend that invited me there (who didn’t go), didn’t tell me that everyone I would meet there was middle age single. =) Felt so out of place, so I didn’t really talk too much, especially with middle aged females next to me. Not sure what I would say to them because that is the one group of people i hardly ever interact with (middle aged females).

It was a Single De Mayo celebration. But I did feel that I did learn stuff from the older people.



Saturday started out interesting, drove over to doug’s place to help him try to make his android phone work with his router. Hahaha, I’m not sure yet what is wrong, because I am not familiar with the hardware, both his computer or his phone. It connects but then disconnects randomly.


After that, there was a pretty fun young adult planning meeting. We were working on the games for the college student return. One thing we wanted to do was have 4 of the people who usually go to young adult, walk into the shopping mall, and all the gorups would have to find them for their next clue.

As for me, they are going to make me sit at Casper’s and have people find me there, then make the college students eat a hot dog with me. Dustin and I actually went to the place after the meeting to eat and check it out. It is a really family atmosphere place, one customer goes there so often, he was helping the old ladies get us chips and pour us the soda. =)



Then went to meet up with Val and her friends and went hiking in redwood city.


That was my backpack stash of food, apple juice, homemade cookies, water, and goodies. =) How I am the worse hiker in the world.



I was being slow so they got ahead of me


looking down


the scenic point



Saw some deer


Since I was in San Jose, and I knew my friends were at the San JOse Food Truck thing, I dropped by. They were all eating dessert while I was enjoying my first food.








Mogo’s had awesome sliders, $6, and it was on hawaiian bread, and the meat was tasty.


I must have eaten too much on my hike, because I was 80% full after the slider. So I just wante to munch on something after, so I got some sweet potato fries and flan from this truck.



There was a college kid doing a research paper on food trucks, since I was doing nothing while waiting for the food I started talking to him. So he wrote down some things I said, I notice he also has really terrible handwriting. 😉


The day was still not over, the guys decided to watch Thor, and the girls went shopping at great mall. From watching all the movie trailers, it looks like it is only going to be superhero movies coming out. Makes me want to work out after seeing thor and captain america images. =) If i got that big, I would be a walking G.I. Joe or a superhero.


Finally, i’m still up because i’m working om ymother’s day card. It looks terrible but my mom loves it when i hand make her cards.