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May 6, 2011

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Quick Midnight Recap

May 6, 2011




In honor or cinco de mayo, I wore my lucha libre mask to work. I don’t know why I did it, but I wore the mask for the whole day. It was so hot inside, and I had so much “helmet hair”.


We were helping Tiffany ( the girl who worked next door) kind of mend the side of her civic. It look like something the side bumper from the inside of the tire area. So it pushed the bumper area right there slightly out… Very weird. Anyways, because vinesh always describes the civic like a giant lego piece. I went to try to pop the “piece” back in .




So I go home, and the sun is so nice that I decided to do a nice workout ride. Currently, I can not make it back up the hill if I go all the way down. To build up, I’m only going half way down. I also ride up to my favorite point in Palomares hill. This hill is the one, I went to with my friends at night to just watch and look across. Also, there were no houses there before and we made a “Vietnam War” video there.



If I were in war, I would want to be standing on top of this hill. No way anyone could come up the hill after me and survive, if I had a gun.




Finally, I went to safeway around 10pm to buy food for tomorrow. Have to start getting into shape for tough mudder. I had balloon animals with me, so I made a couple animals while I was walking around.


Dropped my “mouse” next to the meat. Haha, I bet the mom who was standing behind me was really confused with that ketchup looking bottle in my back pocket (my balloon pump).


Good night.