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April 29, 2011

The stuff happening in the office is even more interesting now. It is like i’m attracted to drama, because the stuff happening seem like something in a soap opera. Who needs “all my children” when I have my office. =)

Let’s just say that 2 people that were laid off, were called back to work in the office for a couple more weeks. Then they will be laid off again in the future. =(


At first we were suppose to have a farewell lunch with one of the guys, but it turned more into a just lunch with him. Went to a really fancy looking mexican place. They had a really good carne asada burrito (my co-workers ordered it, and there is only meat wrapped up in the burrito with cheese on top. While I went with the less carb filled, carne asada salad.


There were two of my co-workers. They wanted a UC berkeley only picture. =)


Our fun story of the day, my co-workers wanted to play indoor baseball. So we had an empty tube and this small whiffle ball. And started hitting stuff around, I almost hit my co-worker back in the face because I decided to smack one ball ridiculously hard right back at him. =) Then he stood farther back.

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