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Websites take a long time to fix

April 28, 2011

Today I spent all night mostly working on the chruch website and looking at houses. =).


I forgot that I actually have free reign to do whatever I like to the chruch website. As long as I keep on the stuff there. So I started it 2 nights ago. Currently, I fixed up the theme and made a template. Now all I need to do is move all the rest of the site onto this new template and I will be good.

Old –

New –


Anything interesting happen at work? My co-worker must really continue to want to talk to human beings. He just came along with me for lunch, I didn’t know he was going to do that, until I walked into my car, and saw him open my other door and sit in my car with me. =(. I think I can really only eat lunch with my co-workers 2-3 times a week, becuase I like to read when I’m eating, Or do my magic tricks in the seat. Not talk to people. =P.

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