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April 2011

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Nom Nom Nom

April 29, 2011

The stuff happening in the office is even more interesting now. It is like i’m attracted to drama, because the stuff happening seem like something in a soap opera. Who needs “all my children” when I have my office. =)

Let’s just say that 2 people that were laid off, were called back to work in the office for a couple more weeks. Then they will be laid off again in the future. =(


At first we were suppose to have a farewell lunch with one of the guys, but it turned more into a just lunch with him. Went to a really fancy looking mexican place. They had a really good carne asada burrito (my co-workers ordered it, and there is only meat wrapped up in the burrito with cheese on top. While I went with the less carb filled, carne asada salad.


There were two of my co-workers. They wanted a UC berkeley only picture. =)


Our fun story of the day, my co-workers wanted to play indoor baseball. So we had an empty tube and this small whiffle ball. And started hitting stuff around, I almost hit my co-worker back in the face because I decided to smack one ball ridiculously hard right back at him. =) Then he stood farther back.

Andrew's Thoughts

No tag-along with me please

April 29, 2011

So today was another day in the office, or as what I should call “the trenches”. So we will zoom past the day, which I survive through by listening to k-love and doing work.


Funny story, My co-worker’s computer told him to update his computer to the newest service pack. So he decides to do it, (even though the IT guys tell us never to install a new service pack). The reason we are never suppose to install a new service pack is because the work computers are chalk so full of security software that stuff never installs correctly or is blocked.

Today for 3 hours in the morning, my co-worker let his computer install the update. Then at lunch time it says that the software install is blocked and can not be updated, so my co-worker had to wait 2 hours for it to revert itself back.



Now for my annoying story, my co-worker must really want to talk to people or something. He gets all stressed out at home (because of his kid), and at work, (because of the enviroment). So for the past 2 days, he has invited himself to tag along with me. My other engineer co-worker goes with his dad to the dad house to eat. While I usually go somewhere to relax and eat by myself.



However, my 3rd co-worker comes walk out with us, and when I get into my car, he invites himself into my passenger seat. Then says “I’m going to tag along with you”. =( I’m okay for yesterday and today, but tomorrow I will say no. Because the day yesterday took me by surprise, and today he really surprised me. I just went to eat at a mexican place, not “El Balazo”, I went to “EL Molino” which is right next door. Ordered myself some tasty fish tacos, beans, rice, and horchata.


The owner’s grandchildren were there working in the store (I think the kids were 7 and 8. So cute a little boy and girl, they were trying to scoop me some horchata but were doing it wrong. So the gramps comes over and tells them what to do. Then when we were done eating, they came and bused the table.

It was really funny, because the kids came kind of fast when they saw my co-worker leave to get out to smoke. I was still sitting there trying to drink horchata. Seeing I was there, the kids stopped 2 tables away and just stood there talking to each other until I was done and left the table. Then I said hi to the little kids, =).


After work it was a grand old time of trying to unwind and beat stuff. So I decided to visit the batting cages in san leandro. Never been there, and saw it was next to the oakland airport, and since I was going to chruch it was only 10 minutes away.

The place was called Triple Play, and 18 pitches per token, and a token was 3.75 , because I bought 6 or more tokens. I went to the fast pitch baseball/softball cage. Biggest reason was because all the other cages were taken, and I didn’t want to wait too long.



So I go inside and choose fastpitch softball. I’m not wearing my glasses, so I can’t see the ball going into the chute (which i do to see when the ball will be coming). The first few pitches, the ball comes flying out so fast, I’m not even sure what is happening. So I’m thinking the pitches were more like 60mph for me, just because I didn’t have glasses on.


With batting cages the machine can usually be “lowered” or “raised” depending on how high you want the pitches. I had to put the softball all the way low, and even then it was throwing me really high fastballs. Since it was a softball, the pitch would rise. It felt really terrible swinging, because I was always swinging under the pitch.

However, I did eventually position myself in the perfect spot, and as long as I swung high, I could hit the ball well.


Essentially what it looked like when I was sitting in the cage, there is a red light that tells you the machine is running.


I took a couple minute breaks between swings. My hands were starting to hurt (I was wearing batting gloves too). Also, I didn’t know how swinging a bat was giving me a workout, I was sweating after swinging and missing/hitting 98 pitches. (6 sets of 18).



While i was drinking my gatorade, two boys were sitting on the other side of the bench. They had the exact same gatorade flavor and brand as me, except they had the small bottle ones. It felt like they were mini-versions of me.


Then I walked into church and had young adult fellowship and small group. =) That is a productive night after work.

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Websites take a long time to fix

April 28, 2011

Today I spent all night mostly working on the chruch website and looking at houses. =).


I forgot that I actually have free reign to do whatever I like to the chruch website. As long as I keep on the stuff there. So I started it 2 nights ago. Currently, I fixed up the theme and made a template. Now all I need to do is move all the rest of the site onto this new template and I will be good.

Old –

New –


Anything interesting happen at work? My co-worker must really continue to want to talk to human beings. He just came along with me for lunch, I didn’t know he was going to do that, until I walked into my car, and saw him open my other door and sit in my car with me. =(. I think I can really only eat lunch with my co-workers 2-3 times a week, becuase I like to read when I’m eating, Or do my magic tricks in the seat. Not talk to people. =P.