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Hoorah, week is done

March 26, 2011

Today was a pretty simple straight forward day at work. Which I like and pray for everyday. 🙂 What I have noticed a lot is how praying has a distinctive affect even on the work I am doing. Where when I pray for my project, there is so much less problems with it

What is cool is how my co-worker actually notices it too, because he once went “Andrew, your projects always seem to have less problems, but mine seem to have a lot more problems. When will you pray for my projects?”. Haha, I guess I forget to pray for my co-workers projects too, which I should do also.



So that is my stratocaster which I named. “Quinzell” as you can see by the decal on the back. Hahah, I have put a name on it or else I will forget. The other names I have given to my previous guitars were Ophelia, Sampson (the acoustic that I still have), and Selina Kyle” I did play this guitar for worship at church, so that is why the decals is on the back.
Actually for this guitar, I did do some slight upgrading to it. Put in some noiseless pickups on the front. It took me almost 3 hours to do the soldering and fixing of the guitar when I did my work on it. And i slightly burned an edge on the plastic cover, but my electric on certain settings now sound just as clean as playing my acoustic if both were run through a speaker.

Not sure what the point of showing my guitar was for, except that I wanted to put a picture onto my blog.

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