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October 31, 2006

There were some people with some funny costumes at school today. I saw the king, a dead zombie looking guy, a female elf. But the one that kind of spooked me for a second was the V for vendetta one. I was walkign to the library at 6pm and it was dark and I turn around and I see this thing in a black robe and V for vendetta mask walking towards me. Then in my mind, I starting imagining classical music playing.

I did a lot of studying today. It was heavy duty studying. 1:30-5pm of straight studying, then 6-9 of more thermal at my friends house. I was at Andy Hamil’s house tonight studying with him. Wow, their house is really cluttered, we barely have room to do work, but it was alright. They have 4 mattress/boxsprings standing up on the wall in their living room. Throughout the night, little kids would come by trick or treating as we were studying. There weren’t too many kids, I think I saw all these little 4 and 5 year olds. They were in these full costumes, I think I saw a strawberry shortcake, cowardly lion, and some other really cute costumes (Things that look very cute and friendly).

Finally, I’m starting looking for some cool magic tricks.

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