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brushing teeth

June 13, 2006

So i was brushing the teeth while I was taking a shower today. I do it sometimes, usually if I’m really tired and I have to go somewhere soon. Then I remembered something Marc was talking to me about. We were cleaning out the bathroom, and Marc has 2 toothbrushes right in front of the sink. And he was asking me, “Andrew, you don’t use my toothbrushes do you?”,

I told him “no, I don’t use your toothbrushes”.

And he said “yeah, I thought so, because you haven’t gotten sick”. Then he tells me that the toothbrushes next to the sink are the ones he uses to clean the bathroom. And he talks about how he had a friend that was using a toothbrush while showering. The guy kept on getting sick and didn’t know why. Then he found out that his other friend was using the toothbrush to wash the bathroom. =)

So then I also made a xanga so I could comment on people’s xanga when i’m bored. And I chose the weird name that made me laugh all the time “pinkpurplemonkeys”. Which is a joke that goes all the way back to high school. I really don’t remember what it was but it was just that V said something like pink purple monkeys out of the blue and i started laughing hard.

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