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powering through

May 31, 2005

That’s what i’m doing for the rest of the week. I just power through a lot of work. I don’t like it when i feel all tired from doing homework and studying. That feeling you get after doing 5 stright hours of work, when you brain is tired. Then you don’t want to study for the rest of the day.

What’s hilarious is my english 149 class. Since all my group partners are 3rd year and higher, none of us really care too much about english. We put in just enough work to get a good grade. I think nobody double checks the work, because we got back one of our project and we had stapled the project out of order. But we still got full credit on it.

The best part is how we gave our speech today. We had not practiced it at all. One guy was ad-libbing the entire intro, and ending. Then everyone else just started talking and we somehow made it through sounding really good. I think that is what happens when everyone has experience.

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