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May 29, 2005

Well, I have do some mad dash work right now, because I don’t want to end up writing a paper at hte last possible moment.

What I noticed is that I am very simliar to my roommates. We like to sleep with the tv on, watching a cartoon too. Family guy is good to sleep to, while my other roommate sleeps to south park, and my other roommate falls asleep to aqua teen hunger force. Then there is the odd ball roommate who doesn’t sleep with the tv on.

Today, I woke up and walk into the living room, and I was wondering why the blinds were pulled up and tied up. I thought it was strange, but I wasn’t really surprise that the window was open. So I went around eating breakfast and going back to my room and doing some work. So later today at around 1:00pm when pat the 49ers fan roommate woke up, he came into my room saying “we got robbed”. Yeah, and we did get robbed, but the theives only took Pat’s authentic 49er’s helmet, the ps2, xbox, and pat’s backpack. That was all they took, and because they took only those things, I didn’t notice it. We thought it was kind of weird how they only took those things and left everything else. Because Pat’s golf clubs were still in the living room, his 49ers necklace, all our dvds, tv’s, and computer. Those guys must have done some quick work and ran out because pat said he went to sleep at around 4:00, and came out at 4:30 when he heard noise outside. Then I woke up at around 8:00am. Then we started laughing because we saw that they only took the x-box console, and not the power supply and controllers. So they won’t be able to play it.

Time to do some gumshoe work. I’ll go online and look at ebay to see if the xbox is online. Searching for “x box console with no power supply”

So, I’ve been looking to buy some guitar stuff for my guitar. And because I have a very limited budget, I go around looking for affordable pedals. So, I think I’ve got my eyes on several multi effects pedals. Hmm, there is no point to this last sentence. I was going to say, I like buying cheaper products for several reasons, because I don’t get mad if it gets broken, I would lend it out with more ease, and it allows me to buy more items.

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