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May 25, 2005

Whew, I’ve done all the homework for the day. Now I can go to sleep, and do this again tomorrow. Wow, that dynamics midterm was asdfsadfasd hard. It was only 2 questions but the teacher gave us one question that we never did in class or on our homework. Then made us do the other problem her way, which made the problem harder to work out. Now, I won’t worry about that midterm until i get it back.

I was walking back to my place, and i didn’t know that one of hte guys in dynamics was my neighbor, he lives on the same floor but on the other side of hte building. But as we were coming back, we walked by my roommates 49er’s car. That car has a giant gold stripe down the middle like a 49er’s helmet. But I never noticed that my roommate was such a bad parker until my classmate pointed it out. He was telling me that the girls upstairs would write on post it notes telling him to park better, and putting it on his window. Hehehe. Then i noticed that his parking was crooked. But it wasn’t as bad as the one time I saw this girl parked and the back of her car was in front of the trunk of my roommate’s car, so he couldn’t leave the lot until the girl left.

Hmm, I notice that i sometimes when i’m bored, I go and check my friendster and facebook. What i really like to read is Craig’s list. I sit there reading the stuff people sell, but the interesting things are the rants and raves. Every once in a while, someone writes something that is funny and interesting. My classmate found this really funny housemate ad, but I can’t find it anymore. Its funny

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