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May 1, 2005

So I finally got my matlab program to work. I couldn’t get it to work yesterday, and today i found a classmate who had finished the lab, and i took a look at his code. And he had put two varibles in the opposite position. So i did that to my coding, and voila it works. Now if only i had known that 2 days ago, i could have had less of a headache.

Hmm, I was watching the apprentice and was thinking that I need some money. The guy who got fired last week, Alex was talking about how he could start a business in 24 hours. So i will too. I’m thinking of making t-shirts. So i have been looking online to find a place that will print t-shirts cheap, and then i will need to make a business model and a logo or something. Most likely I won’t make it until the summer. I don’t want to end up having 30 of the exact same shirts lying around in my house. And then having to wear those shirts around everyday, because people will start to look at me weird for wearing the same shirt everyday.

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