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haha, i sound so insincere

April 24, 2005

Today at church, Pastor Tom was talking about encouragement. So after church as Marc was driving me back. I said “let me say something encouraging to you”. Then Marc said “It’s not an encouragment when you have to think about it”. =). So I told him, I’ll keep the encouragment in my mind and tell it to him at some random time today. So i’m thinking, I will say something nice when he is about to sleep. So he will think about it.

I would type more, but i have a midterm tomorrow. And i’m going to run to the lab, where there is no tv to distract me. I think all 4 tv’s in our place on, are on a different sport. The two in the living room have the draft and other one has madden going. My roommate is watching dodgers, and my other roommate is watching the Basketball game. Its hard to concentrate

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  • Reply goshjoshsays April 24, 2005 at 5:27 pm


    ANDREW! how’s your roomie supposed to absorb an encouragement if you tell him when his mind’s drifing off into sleep? it won’t make any sense the next day because it’ll get all mixed up with his crazy dream thoughts about flying animals, fighting off evil aliens & eating steak. he’ll be thinking: why did andrew tell me he appreciates my flying babboon dispensing chocolate? bad idea. THAT’S WHY you should get up early in the morning, SHOUT OUT his name until we wakes up, and then go: “i just wanted to encourage you with… [you fill in the blank].” i’m sure he’ll appreciate it; i know sam li would.

    g’luck on your midterm tomorrow. and remember if you come home for the summer. SAM LI likes being woken up early in the morn for encouragements too. that’s: SAM. LI.

  • Reply nickibicki April 24, 2005 at 5:30 pm

    Re: random

    I know that would DEFINITELY encourage me. Thank you in advance!!!

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