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tuesday fun

February 1, 2005

Fun fun fun. and school is not fun. I’ve been doing homework. So i was looking at my schedule, and my packed all day. It takes so much time to do homework, and i wish i had more time in the day, to do studying.

I really like my thermo class lab, because we don’t have to work on our lab outside of class. We had two class days to work on the lab. So the first week, we did nothing except take the measurements, and today we worked on the data and the lab. So we were working on it very efficiently, and it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes. We were the first one to finish that lab, while everyone was still half way done.

Yesterday, I got back the test from fluids. Wow, there was a monster curve. the average was a 72 out of 170. And one person had a high score of 155. The funniest thing was how our teacher had the nicest curve in the whole entire world. Somebody had a 10 and that was around a 58%. Haha, so if you wrote your name and tried, you got at least a 50%.

I feel sorry for hte homeless people that have to scavenger through the trash to get bottles to recycle. I see them up and early in the mornings once in a while taking a stroll looking for cans.

Finally, I need to think of a nickname inside the grill room. Ryan “pig farmer” keeps on forgeting my name, so i think i will make one up. I think i’ll take the nickname “hurricane” in honor of hurricane Andrew. I remember i had that nickname in 2nd-4th grade. We would go around and play soccer in the morning before school and during recess. The 4th graders and 3rd graders would call me “hurricane Andrew”, because I was a monster goalie. I was the only guy who would stand in the goal and actually try to block a rocket from point back by a 4th grader, while i was only a 2nd grader. Dear me, i remembered those were painful days. On the really cold nights, the ball would hit your palms, and it would sting.

Actally, i think i got the hurricane from playign forward. I was fast, and had the quickest feet. I would beat people to the balls and hit the ball faster then them, and they would end up kicking my heel. That hurt too, so i usually tried to beat them faster to the ball, and out run them. I loved being hte underdog also, because it was so much cooler being on the undermanned team, and trying to lead them to victory.

I watched the cool nike commercial” . I wish i could do some of those soccer tricks.

Currently, I’m teaching myself the following:

hip-hop breakdancing;

swing dance;

flash cartoon animation;

leadership training;


wow, i don’t know how i will find time to do some of everything. And still study. So all those things i just learn in pieces .

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