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November 22, 2004

It’s really boring in my apt. 2 of my roommates are gone, and only one other roommate is left. The place is very isolate right now. I’m just sitting here in front of my computer trying to do some work, but its really hard because i’m thinking about not wanting to do anything. What a dliemna. My heart is just not into studying right now, but i’m trying to make it want to study.

I had a supermileage meeting on saturday. If i ever figure out all the words they use, i htink i would be good at building a part. But i’m not really sure what thoes guys are talking about, when they talk about motor parts and stuff. So i just look at them with an absent looking mind. Maybe i’ll learn some stuff out fuel injection systems.

After that meeting, my lab partner and I had lunch at my place. We went to frontiers market and got some organic food, and he got a lot of apple juice. So we came back to my place, and we watched “man on fire”, as he was watching the first half, I cooked the food. I made brocolli and beef (I used round steak for the meat), I stir fried some udon noodles with sesame oil, and added bean sprouts to it, and i put rice with it. Wow, I think i made enough food to feed 4 people, but htere were only 2 of us. So we had enough leftovers, that i made him a plate, and i had a plate. That movie is still really good.

My roommate makes fun of me. =). I think i made a comment about how i wanted to watch snl just because of jude law. or something like that. I don’t know why i was talking about him, and now all of a sudden jude law has started gettign super exposure with 3 movies and being named people’s sexiest man alive. Haha, and my roommate is riling on this. So i better keep my mouth shut. I have a knack to see talent in people. I think the next actor to go super will be eric bana.

I really want to play on my guitar, haha, i forgot the name of my guitar. .. Oh yeah it was ophelia, and sampson. I got some cool riffs that have been flowing through my mind. I will rock out this week in my backyard. If you want to hear me play you can just sit in my backyard. =)

I don’t think my roommate Marc knows the address of my blog, so i will talk about him. I think a lot of you out there are trying to picture marc, and see how he survived living with me. He’s japanese and a little taller then me, and has 40-50 pounds on me. He has this eric gagne like facial hair. Is a sports fan, and watches all the LA teams everyday. And he’s a very laid back person. I came into the room and started jumping up and down, and he’s just sitting there chilling up and down. I tap him on hte shoulder and he takes his sweet time to turn around. And i ask him “does anything bother you?”, and almost nothing bothers him. asdf. I ask him if he wants a hug, and he says no. The funniest thing is how i try to make small talk with him. So I usually talk small about really weird things. “Marc what do you think about me playing a drum while you sleep?” He doesn’t change his facial expression, so i’m not sure if he is being sarcastic or laughing, or serious. Haha, that is what freaks me out the most. I think i was talking about eating candy in the shape of little kids. Or something like that. And somehow we ended up talking about how, if i was a supervillian, I would kill him in a very tortorous way. Then i turn around to look at my computer, and i see from the cornerof my eye my roommate making quick moves and grabbing a belt. So i jump and run out of hte room. And tell him “i’m not a supervillian. I’m just a regular joe. “. Then he sits back down, and its like nothing ever happened.He’s like my counterpart, he doesn’t get mad or something. I get mad, but i’m controlled in my anger. I just walk in and talk (not vent, i actually just start talking) out my anger, and it goes away. Our place is very chill, because he’s so calm and collective you couldn’t even attack him. His hair always goes up too in the morning, afternoon, night. I’m not sure how he does it to his hair, but i just magically goes up and back. He must be suave.

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